We love dentures

Dr. McMillan is truly passionate about making dentures. Her digital techniques mean fewer visits, lower cost, and a custom reproducible product.


Making dentures for someone can change their entire smile, light up their face, and even change their life. This is why we love making dentures. We work hard to bring the best of technology and compassion to our denture patients. We offer several types of denture treatments.

All dentures come with a five-year replacement option. Meaning if your denture is lost or broken we can make another identical one for a very low cost within a short time usually without even an appointment.

economy dentures

Low cost dentures do not need to be pre-made and relined. You can have custom made digital dentures for an economy cost. These dentures are made the same way as our other dentures, but are 3D printed. Remember one of the greatest benefits of all digital dentures is that the dentures can easily be replaced and duplicated at very low cost.

Immediate dentures

When you are planning to remove most of all of your teeth you do not need to go without. We make records of your teeth, decide what changes you would like to see, and make dentures prior to your teeth being removed. Whether you want your dentures to look like as close to your teeth as possible, or you want bright white and straight we can help!

replacement dentures with long term try in

Making replacement dentures is becoming easier than ever with digital techniques. We make detailed records of your current dentures, the shape of your ridges, and photographs. With this we can use all the information from your old dentures to make specific changes. Acrylic try in dentures are made next. These try in dentures can be worn home, used to chew, adjusted, and once ready they are rescanned and your final dentures are made. The try ins can be kept as an emergency back up set in many cases.

replacement dentures without try in

Not all patients are a candidate for this option. But, often we can make all the records we need for new replacement dentures without making a try in set. This saves significant cost as well as time. We have a detailed system of capturing lots of information at the records appointment as well as a way to show you proposed new smile designs virtually so that a try in is now optional.

Digitally designed and machine made denture bases with individual esthetic denture teeth bonded into place. These dentures offer both the high esthetics of a wide variety of manufactured denture teeth with the strength and density of a machine made base. These digital dentures can be made with or without a try in for some cases. As always, digital dentures can be remade with the push of a button requiring no impression or visit if they are lost or damaged within five years of placement. These dentures are made in the United States.

Machine made high impact dentures to precision fit over implants. These dentures restore chewing ability significantly but yet are removable for easy cleaning. The teeth are continuous with the base rather than individually bonded into place meaning they offer the highest resistance to damage. This material is also available for regular non-implant dentures as well as fixed (screwed in) dentures. These dentures are made in the United States.

3d printed dentures

3D Printed Dentures - these were designed by computer, approved by our doctor, then printed and finished in our laboratory on site. Easy to make, easy to reprint if needed, made with new strong materials.

For a download about how to care for your dentures click here: DentureCareMVPprint


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