COVID and Dentistry

How our practice is changing

Everyday new guidance from state and federal authorities is reviewed to ensure that our practice is doing everything we can to help with the COVID outbreak. As a prosthodontics practice, our patients are often elderly or with health problems making them the most vulnerable to this disease. We are serious about reducing the risk to our patients. Please be patient as we develop the best practices to protect our patients. We welcome you to call and ask what procedures we are doing to protect our patients.

Dentures in particular are a service that Dr. McMillan is working towards a safe solution for patients in this time. She is evaluating ways to reduce the number of appointments and in person interaction. She hopes to be able to provide denture services that require as little risk as possible to the most vulnerable patient. A single visit to do an examination and records may be all that is needed to generate a new denture. Using digital techniques that new denture can be precisely remade should it be needed again in the event it is lost. Dr. McMillan also offers two sets of final dentures instead of one to help those who might lose or damage their dentures from needing to return to the dentist.


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